The team at Polyrubber would like to assure our valued clients of our commitment to minimising any risk during this unprecedented situation. We are closely monitoring and complying with all Government requirements and recommendations.

As service providers to the vital industries of Agriculture, Transport, Manufacturing and Mining, we are well prepared and fully operational. We carry ample stock of raw materials and are constantly reviewing our supply chain to ensure continuity and quality.

To help keep our staff and visitors safe, we have implemented the following changes:

  • The Office area is now for employees only (except by invitation). Please phone ahead to make an appointment.
  • Rather than visiting in person, we ask that you phone or email to discuss your requirements.
  • Deliveries and order collections can be made at the outdoor counter or side roller door. If counter is unattended, please ring the bell or call the office number on 9470 3559 for attention.
  • Signatures are no longer required or given for collections and deliveries.
  • We no longer accept cash payments.
  • If intending to pay via EFTPOS, please prepay over the phone before collecting your goods.
  • We ask you to follow all recommended social distancing requirements.

While we need to remain physically distant during this time, we would like to assure you that we are here and ready to service your requirements. Please contact us via:

Phone: 08 9470 3559



To enable our staff to enjoy a well-earned break, we are closing at mid-day Friday 20th December, re-opening on Monday 6th January 2020.

Please continue to email your orders through during the break.  We will commence processing promptly on our return.

We wish you and your family a happy and safe Christmas.  Thank you for your business in 2019, we look forward to assisting you in 2020.


Douglas, William and the Polyrubber Team

Our Father established Polyrubber shortly after migrating to Australia 35 years ago.  We are now proud second generation owner/operators of this family business manufacturing polyurethane parts for fellow local business owners and larger corporations.

Some people are surprised that brothers can work side by side every day and still be best mates; but we find our shared values complimented by our chalk and cheese personalities form a perfect  combination for running a business.

We both find it so satisfying working with customers through the design process of innovative new technologies and then seeing our component become a vital part of something much bigger.

Douglas and William Scott

Polyrubber Welshpool

A local concrete manufacturer came to us with a problem. Their concrete mixing machines which were in use all day every day contained several rubberised paddles to stir the concrete.   These paddles did the job required, but as you would imagine, concrete is very abrasive causing the rubber to deteriorate rapidly.  This issue was causing major interruptions to their manufacturing process by causing machinery down time to replace the damaged paddles, reduced turnaround times for their product lines and large amounts of wasted end-product due to mould deterioration.

Working closely with the business user, we trialled a series of colour coded polyurethane samples of various qualities to establish which would be the best for the job. On discovering that traditional polyurethanes didn’t quite meet standards required, we trialled a new formulation which gave the perfect result!   The abrasive resistant qualities of this new product provided a long lasting component which performed well.

The Manufacturer has been using these paddles for over 12 months and found them to well and truly outlast the traditional rubber paddles, leading to increased efficiency by reducing down time for replacement.

Polyrubber now supplies polyurethane paddles to several manufacturers around Perth, all having provided positive feedback on their abrasive resistance qualities and longevity.

Do you have a process problem to solve or new product to develop? Tap into Polyrubber’s years of experience to help find the solution.


To enable our staff to enjoy a well-earned break, we are closing at midday Friday 21st December, re-opening on Monday 14th January 2019.

All orders for manufactured goods received after the 7th December will be processed promptly on our return in January.


We would like to take this time to thank you for your business in 2018 and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Douglas, William and the team


Please continue to email your orders during the break, we look forward to assisting you on our return in 2019!


Over the years, Polyrubber has refurbished thousands of forklift and industrial wheels. At one stage, we saw an emerging trend in replacing the entire wheel when the tyre was worn, however this has now reverted back with more businesses realising the benefits of refurbishment (re-tyre) over replacement.

Maintain quality and reduce down time

Quality wheels with poly tyres provide better results for the operator and need replacing less often. Customer feedback has shown that Polyrubber tyres well and truly outlast the cheaper imported varieties, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Most businesses appreciate the value having precision parts on their equipment, so the best choice is bonding a new tyre to ensure the top quality, longer wearing product is maintained.

Reduce industrial waste

Imagine if we threw car wheels away every time we needed new tyres! By refurbishing existing hubs, your business will reduce its industrial waste, lowering disposal costs and having less impact on the environment.

Tyre choice

Off the shelf wheels units provide very little choice when it comes to material and grade. At Polyrubber, we can manufacture your new tyres in the dimensions, tread finish and hardness suited for the application. We can also manufacture in a range of colours allowing you to colour code, match or even enhance the look of your equipment. We’ve even made pink ones!

Minimise internal stock levels

Buying in bulk to maintain stocks of complete wheels takes up valuable space and revenue. Polyrubber has no minimum order requirement and we can refurbish most wheels within one week, some we can turn around the following business day.

Support local business

When you support a local business like Polyrubbber, you can be sure that all work is carried out safely by experienced operators that care about the end product and the customer. We pride ourselves in providing expert advice along with ongoing support.

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