Polyurethane Manufacture

Polyurethane ManufacturePolyrubber manufactures durable urethane products by mixing precise amounts of high quality polymer, curative, additives and pigment to create a substance with a honey-like consistency. This mixture is immediately poured into pre-prepared moulds, which are then cured over a number of hours until the liquid solidifies. The finished product is then removed from the mould, trimmed and machined to create the end result. Polyurethane can be bonded to certain types of plastics and most metals giving it a wide variety of applications from wheels, liners, tools and parts. We can manufacture in a range of hardnesses, colours and finishes to suit your needs.

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Custom Moulding

Custom MouldingOver our 30 years in business, Polyrubber has established itself a leading custom mould specialist for polyurethane manufacture.

We have built an extensive range of moulds for general use, along with moulds which remain the property of the customer, solely for their own products. Commonly known as “Gentlemen in Business”, our high level of ethics ensures client confidentiality is always maintained.

If we do not have the mould that you need, we can work closely with you to build to your requirements. Moulds can be fabricated from drawings or built around a sample product supplied. Some customers prefer to make their own moulds, in which case we are more than happy to offer advice from a practical urethane process viewpoint, ensuring best value for long term manufacturing and an end product suited to your needs.

Once built, the moulds are cared for in a way to ensure many years of continuous polyurethane manufacture.


In addition to our purpose built polyurethane factory, Polyubber has a fully equipped machine shop including lathe, press, drill, linisher, welder, oxy acetylene and sand blaster.

Specialist Partners

Polyrubber works closely with a number of trusted specialist partners which allow us to expand and improve our services.  These include: Laser and water cutting, large scale sandblasting, harmonic balancing, Fabricating, Testing facilities, Engineering and Tooling.

Product Development

Are you developing a new product or looking to improve an existing one?  Polyrubber has worked on numerous projects; manufacturing, testing and re-working until the final outcome is reached.  We can advise on material strengths and manufacture in colour coded prototypes which can be trialled in the application to determine the ideal outcome.  Client confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

Rubber Lagging – Coming soon!

Polyrubber has recently acquired rubber lagging equipment and techniques from a long established local manufacturer.  Once fully operational, we will have the capability to lag wheels and rollers to complement our existing urethane services.

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