A local concrete manufacturer came to us with a problem. Their concrete mixing machines which were in use all day every day contained several rubberised paddles to stir the concrete.   These paddles did the job required, but as you would imagine, concrete is very abrasive causing the rubber to deteriorate rapidly.  This issue was causing major interruptions to their manufacturing process by causing machinery down time to replace the damaged paddles, reduced turnaround times for their product lines and large amounts of wasted end-product due to mould deterioration.

Working closely with the business user, we trialled a series of colour coded polyurethane samples of various qualities to establish which would be the best for the job. On discovering that traditional polyurethanes didn’t quite meet standards required, we trialled a new formulation which gave the perfect result!   The abrasive resistant qualities of this new product provided a long lasting component which performed well.

The Manufacturer has been using these paddles for over 12 months and found them to well and truly outlast the traditional rubber paddles, leading to increased efficiency by reducing down time for replacement.

Polyrubber now supplies polyurethane paddles to several manufacturers around Perth, all having provided positive feedback on their abrasive resistance qualities and longevity.

Do you have a process problem to solve or new product to develop? Tap into Polyrubber’s years of experience to help find the solution.

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