Over the years, Polyrubber has refurbished thousands of forklift and industrial wheels. At one stage, we saw an emerging trend in replacing the entire wheel when the tyre was worn, however this has now reverted back with more businesses realising the benefits of refurbishment (re-tyre) over replacement.

Maintain quality and reduce down time

Quality wheels with poly tyres provide better results for the operator and need replacing less often. Customer feedback has shown that Polyrubber tyres well and truly outlast the cheaper imported varieties, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Most businesses appreciate the value having precision parts on their equipment, so the best choice is bonding a new tyre to ensure the top quality, longer wearing product is maintained.

Reduce industrial waste

Imagine if we threw car wheels away every time we needed new tyres! By refurbishing existing hubs, your business will reduce its industrial waste, lowering disposal costs and having less impact on the environment.

Tyre choice

Off the shelf wheels units provide very little choice when it comes to material and grade. At Polyrubber, we can manufacture your new tyres in the dimensions, tread finish and hardness suited for the application. We can also manufacture in a range of colours allowing you to colour code, match or even enhance the look of your equipment. We’ve even made pink ones!

Minimise internal stock levels

Buying in bulk to maintain stocks of complete wheels takes up valuable space and revenue. Polyrubber has no minimum order requirement and we can refurbish most wheels within one week, some we can turn around the following business day.

Support local business

When you support a local business like Polyrubbber, you can be sure that all work is carried out safely by experienced operators that care about the end product and the customer. We pride ourselves in providing expert advice along with ongoing support.

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