About Us

Polyrubber is a long standing, family owned polyurethane manufacturer based in Welshpool Western Australia. We specialise in custom moulding, coatings and linings for the Mining, Agricultural, Manufacturing and Transport industries.

From humble beginnings in a small nearby factory unit in 1987, Polyrubber’s founder, Ian Scott utilised his extensive Engineering and manufacturing background to build the business from the ground up; fabricating most of the equipment, establishing the manufacturing methodologies and quality controls. Polyrubber quickly found its place in Western Australian industry by offering quality custom moulded polyurethane products coupled with personal service.

Now, with over three decades in business, Polyrubber is owned and operated by Douglas and William Scott. The brothers have spent the last 15 years working in all aspects of the company and continue to take Polyrubber forward into a new era while remaining true to their father’s ethos of supporting Australian industry.

Now occupying a 775 square metre factory space, our tailored facilities include a preparation area, a variety of curing ovens and tables, mould storage, a dedicated machine shop and despatch area. Our skilled team manufacture over 30,000 parts per year, from one off custom orders to hundreds of components.

Being a family business, we have the time to invest in customers. We pride ourselves in being WA’s Polyurethane problem solvers, working closely with our client base and calling on our vast experience, product knowledge and close relationships with suppliers to come up with the best solution for the end user. Over the years, we have been involved in numerous innovative new technologies, along with designing products and components which help customers to streamline their processes, saving time and money.

Meet the Team


William Scott

William Scott began working at Polyrubber for a bit of extra pocket money during his school holidays. In 2005 he took on a fulltime position learning all aspects of polyurethane manufacturing and eventually the managerial side. He was appointed Director in 2010 and has continued to work in a hands-on role both managing the business and within the factory.

Speak to Will about the various polyurethane qualities and applications, moulding techniques and new projects


Douglas Scott

Like William, Douglas Scott also worked at Polyrubber during the school holidays. After commencing his working life in the IT industry, Douglas took up a fulltime position at Polyrubber in 2009, working his way through all aspects of the factory. In 2010 he was appointed Director and continues to work hands-on role both managing the business and working within the factory.

Speak to Doug about the various polyurethane qualities and applications, moulding techniques, machining and new projects.



Hannah started with Polyrubber in 2019 and manages our busy reception area.  She efficiently handles all phone and email enquiries, processes incoming orders, outgoing goods, freight bookings and general administration.  

Speak to Hannah to enquire about a new or existing order, pricing, lead times and to open a new account.



Sue started at Polyrubber in 2010 and looks after all the administrative side of the business.

Speak to Sue about administration matters, accounts and new credit applications

Polyrubber’s use of top quality raw materials and hands-on manufacturing technique give us the flexibility to adjust the product to your requirements. Please enquire now and let us know how we can help your operation.